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Custom Logo Design

Affordable Logo Design For Small Business

We offer high end corporate design experience at small business prices. We explain cost vs. quality and how you can position your company against the competition.

Let's face it, every startup, corporation, and organization needs a logo to communicate their Name, Identity and Brand. However, there are several levels of logo design. Especially for startups where cost is primary concern, logos go through an evolution or stages as they strive for higher quality.

When you see the Golden Arches sign, does McDonalds come to mind? That's because imagery has a big factor in customer recognition of your corporate identity. Can you imagine if McDonalds couldn't trademark their logo because it wasn't unique, or if everyone used the Yellow M as their logo. Uniqueness combined with a high quality graphics and messaging, can have a huge impact on your bottom line and how customers perceive your quality of work. The quality you put into your logo, then is multiplied across all your business properties: Website, Advertising, Business Cards, Letterhead, Stationary, etc.

Our prices are competitive and our quality is some of the best you'll find regardless of price. Logos may cost anywhere from $100 to $10,000+, with some companies hiring million dollar agencies to get the job done right. What we offer you is the best quality and affordable prices, taking our corporate level experiences and applying them to small businesses.

Our costs include:

Level 1:
Basic Text Logo
$130 or free with any of our website packages
Click here for examples
Level 2:
Standard Text Logo with Layout
Click here for examples
Level 3:
Creative Logo
Click here for examples
Level 4:
High Quality Logo
Click here for examples
Level 5 :
Enterprise Level Brand
Consulting and Design

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Click here for an in depth explanation and examples of the different levels of quality.

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