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Website Content Writing

Affordable Web Services for Small Business

Most Web Designers will rely on your staff to provide the content for the website, since you know your product best. However, If you need help with content writing for the web or for your print materials, we work with various talented writers in the industry and can provide you with the best referral possible.

In order for us to work with a content writer, they must understand the principles of sales/marketing, as well as key principles of web content writing. Without effective content, truely selling your products to the customers and conveying your value, then you will not achieve full value of any of your marketing materials.

Writing for the web changes all the rules of traditional writing. With the average web user's attention span being a fraction of what that of a newspaper or magazine reader, therefore the challenge is to get your message across in the most clearest and quickest fashion while retaining your key information.

Effective content writing for the web requires the understanding of the key fundamentals of both your product or service, as well as the target market you are trying to capture, in order to write concise and targeted messaging. The key factors to understand before we go down this path are as follows:

Product/Service Positioning
  • What is your product or service
  • What are you key features or offerings
  • What makes your product or service special or unique

Target Messaging and Positioning
  • Who's your customer or target audience?
  • Assume the target audience is not familiar with your product
  • Create a clear to understand message for each feature
  • Attach each key point with fundamentals, rather than "jargon"
  • Prioritizing key features, based on each target market

Building the "Story" and Meeting Customer Needs
  • Build a story that will the hit key needs of the customer
  • Keep the customer engaged at every turn
  • Write your product message to meet customer's needs
  • Address your key selling points on "why" they need your product
  • Once hooked, provide details and key features of your product
  • Finish with a strong and clearly identifiable call to action

Consistent and Integrated Messaging
  • Making sure your content is presented in a professional way
  • Ensuring your messaging is consistent across all areas

Contact us today for a content writer for your company.

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